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OPHIRA Class of 2021 celebrates graduation

On June 15, our academy celebrated with great emotion the graduation of its 9th class OPHIRA 2021.

Between tears and smiles, the family and the school community welcomed the student athletes with applause.

Resistant like gold, valuable like gold, these young people overcame obstacles, hurricanes, earthquakes and pandemics. They stayed on their feet, focused, working hard for their dreams, for their goals.

We know that this work was one that needed support, love and understanding from the number one fans, the family, who thanks to them, their sacrifices, their dedication help shaped men into what they have become.

The CBBA is proud of been a part of developing you as athletes, students, and human beings.

They are a group of exceptional boys, talented and with great qualities.

We wish you success and remind you that the CBBA will always be your home!

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