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Great night of celebration for our senior students of the OPHIRA Class 2021

Last Friday, March 12, the CBBA held the ninth ring ceremony. This is the most important and emotional celebrations of our institution.

The CBBA celebrate with honor our student athletes from the OPHIRA 2021 class. This celebration took place in our home, the academy. In this celebration our athletes received from their parents the CBBA RING. This ring has been designed exclusively to our academy and its a symbol of the hard work, the sacrifices, and marks a new step on their academic life.

To the parents, we thank you for trusting in our institution for the education and training of your children. To our students, thank you for showing that you can, we truly know how hard has been the last years. To our faculty and coaches for going the extra mile and continuing to motivate and develop our young people.

The CBBA is very grateful to our organizers and collaborators, they were an important part of the success of this significant event for our student athletes and their parents.

Guys, congratulations again! OPHIRA 2021

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