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Giving Back Clinics

Last Friday, March 18, CBBA received the Arenas Academy group from the town of Camuy, led by one of our outfiled instructors, Jayson Pérez. This group of boys and girls enjoyed our GIVING BACK CLINICS.

The 12th grade students gave the clinics, shared with the children and gave them the experience of what a day at CBBA is like.

Our coaches and students led by Mr. Dennis Perez have developed these clinics where children are given more than just knowledge, time and experiences. The CBBA shows them that dreams are achievable, that hard work does pay off.

With this program, our academy integrates our young people into community work so that they can return with love what they have learned during all these years in their time at the CBBA.

We thank our students and coaches for their care and dedication so that these clinics are of benefit and sports enrichment for these young athletes.

We are the CBBA, the future on deck!

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