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Discussion About Gender Violence In A Relationship

On September 16 our student athletes welcomed Lic. Lersy Boria Women's Advocate for PR and Rony Campos "Rony The Hipper".

The duo gave the talk: Dating Violence. This talk was brought to raise awareness about the mistreatment of women. It featured the opening and introduction of Rony Campos and was conducted by Lic. Lersy Boria Attorney for Women of Puerto Rico.

Our academy has an enrollment of 153 students who are to be the husbands and parents of the future and it is important to provide them with tools for managing emotions, raising awareness about the problems that affect our society and that have recently put in the public arena athletes.

We are grateful for their support in taking time out of their respective agendas to discuss these issues with our students.

The CBBA is committed to educating our youth to be not just athletes, but good men and gentlemen.

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