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CBBA Students Starts Virtual Newspaper


With great pride and pleasure, we present to you the new project of a group of our students. The Carlos Beltrán Baseball Academy will have its own newspaper “CBBA COMMUNITY”. This initiative was born from the students Aarón Pargas and Ricardo Ramírez, from the tenth grade, together with the

Spanish teacher,

Julio Vázquez-Morales, who together lead this project.

“CBBA COMMUNITY” is a virtual-informative newspaper designed for the benefit and enjoyment of all. Through it, news will be published about the events in our Institution, including aspects related to the field of baseball and academic life. For example, talks with baseball players and professional instructors of this discipline, interviews with staff and students, biographies, stories, among other issues that will be integrated.

The CBBA Community Team is available to listen to your opinions and / or suggestions, which at the end of the day, could be included as the basis of what would be achieved together to develop, propose; devise. In this way, everyone will contribute, as a united community, to "do their bit" to create the "first stone" in the magnificent construction of this work.

We count on your support to our young leaders!!!

CBBA, the home of champions!

Follow our Academy Newspaper:




To read the fist issue visit:

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