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CBBA's 10th Anniversary

The dream of Carlos Beltran and his wife Jessica Beltran to open a high school specializing in baseball began in early 2007 and came true on August 18, 2011. The Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy is a bilingual high school, specializing in baseball. Talented youth between the 9th and 12th grade, from all over our Island are exposed to a unique and innovative workshop in which student athletes excel at balancing a demanding academic curriculum while developing their athletic abilities to the maximum.

CBBA's mission is to provide a dynamic learning experience where youth can develop and improve their athletic skills while striving for academic excellence. As part of the commitment, the CBBA strives to develop the unique talents of each student athlete, as well as to promote social and civic responsibility.

In just 10 years, CBBA has positioned itself at the forefront of specialized baseball high schools throughout Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Latin America. CBBA is ready to take the next steps and become the most prestigious school in the United States as an academic and athletic institution.

CBBA offers an innovative program that engages all student athletes, regardless of how proficient they may have been in a traditional classroom. The curriculum used enhances students' analytical, reasoning, computer literacy, science, math, research, and problem-solving skills. Throughout the academic year, CBBA invites professionals from different fields to speak, motivate, and develop relationships with student athletes.

The CBBA is equipped with an on-site Physical Therapist and a Department of Physical Therapy to provide rehabilitation as needed, as well as a Sports Psychologist. The CBBA has emulated the tendency for MLB teams to have expert staff on hand to assist with the mental well-being of their athletes. CBBA facilities include administrative offices, dining room, gymnasium, swimming pool, running track, showers, locker rooms, outdoor batting cages, pitching mounds, classrooms and study rooms.

The CBBA emphasizes the importance of obtaining an education and improving their athletic skills to fully develop your full potential. To date, the CBBA has graduated 366 student athletes, 29 of whom have achieved their dream of being selected in the annual MLB Draft to become professional players. More importantly, 98% of our graduates have received a scholarship offer to continue their education at the college level in the United States and Puerto Rico while continuing to play the sport they love. CBBA alumni have a strong presence in more than 60 colleges and universities in the United States and Puerto Rico in all three divisions of NCAA, NAIA, and Community Colleges. Our CBBA graduates have already begun to meet their academic requirements, have graduated with bachelor's degrees, and began their professional careers in a variety of areas, thus becoming a role model in their community for the next generation.

Thanks to our founding fathers for the dream, vision and materialization of such an important project that impacts lives and provides opportunities to young baseball athletes.

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