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CBBA Ring Ceremony 2020

Last Friday our academy celebrated the long-awaited Ring Ceremony 2020. This Ring Ceremony was a very special and emotional, this class is distinguished by being the one that they have been together most since the 9th grade and for being biggest in the entire history of the CBBA.

The theme chosen by the Maika’i Loa 2020 Class was the famous television program of the 80’s Miami Vice. Between neon lights and palm trees our student athletes received from the hand of their parents the emblematic graduation ring of the CBBA. This ring is designed exclusively for the CBBA and far beyond being a jewel, it is the representation of the commitment and dedication that during all these years they have had with themselves, their education, their future, ambitions and dreams. This ring marks the beginning of a new stage in their lives full of challenges, decisions and changes.

We are proud of you guys, of your achievements, of how united you are, you represent the brotherhood that identifies the CBBA.

Thank you to all parents for allowing us to be part of the education and development of their children. For letting us be that place where your children's dreams and aspirations take shape and become a reality.

Blessings ans success guys!

CBBA, the home of champions!

* Photos provided

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