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CBBA Inaugarates New Stadium

July 13, 2022

Florida Puerto Rico

With solid first-rate support from Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), which included a donation of $2,000,000, the Carlos Beltrán Baseball Academy on July 13, 2022 held the ribbon-cutting activity to inaugurate its modern baseball stadium for the enjoyment of its students.

Located at the rear of the main building where the academy's administrative offices and study rooms are located, the state-of-the-art gaming facility is the size of a Major League Baseball stadium, field-wise.

And apart from the large investment made by MLB and the players' association, staff headed by the inspector of the MLB stadiums, Murray Cook, was the one who carried out the work in just seven months, said the former MLB player the Mayores and founder of the school, Carlos Beltrán.

“The dimensions are 325 (feet) in the corners, 380 or 385 in the gaps, and 395 in the center field. It is a large park and I think that the positive of all this for young people is that everything is more accessible now in a matter of the fact that before we had to use the school buses to take them to certain parks in the community. Now we have our own field and it gives us the flexibility to be more practical.”

The ribbon-cutting activity was attended by, among others, Leonor Colón, senior director of the MLBPA's International Players Operations division, as well as Tony Reagins, director of MLB Baseball Development, and Cook himself.

“Right now we want to do activities, hold events and take advantage of the fact that we have this facility, and one of the things that I have discussed with Edwin Maldonado is that for such important events I would love for us to be able to host these events, and in the end of the day to continue developing talent, doing clinics or doing tryouts for young people from Puerto Rico, who can come and do it here,” added Beltrán.




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