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Discover Puerto Rico's best school specialized in baseball

Located in the beautiful town of Florida, Puerto Rico, surrounded by the tranquility that nature offers.CBBA’s facilities includes, lunchroom, gymnasium, swimming pool, running track, showers, locker rooms, outdoor batting cages, pitching mounds, classrooms, and study halls. These facilities are housed in an eco-friendly environment that includes the use natural lighting, and water efficient systems. The facilities include approximately 18 acres of breathtaking land with abundant vegetation and natural hills that have been preserved. Calisthenics, training areas, sidelines and recreational facilities are placed in order to create a university-like campus atmosphere.



We have created a complete center that motivates and encourages senior students to work towards academic excellence while pursuing their athletic goals. The academy has the best facilities:

  • Computer center

  • Wi-Fi technology, among other facilities

  • Multi-purpose recreational and athletic areas

  • Indoor batting boxes

  • Pitching mounds

  • Lockers

  • Gym

  • Swimming pool.

  • Also, it will have a complete park and a half park in compliance with Major League Baseball standards. All these facilities are of the utmost importance and are necessary elements for proper development.

CBBA Edificio_edited.jpg
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